My Story, The Start

Im 25 this year, I have everything I could ever want.  I have a house, a car, a good job, and my best friend as my partner and this year is the biggest year of my life, I’m getting married in 8 months, and about to start a new journey as a married couple, together.  Our wedding day is perfect, everything we could want it to be, I’m standing at the front of a beautiful fireplace, standing infront of family and friends, looking pretty glam in my wedding dress (if I do say so myself!!), marrying the man I’ve known most of my life, uttering the words “in sickness and health”, who’d have thought…….  Perfect wedding, so perfect honeymoon to follow – the Maldives.  I’m in love with this place, I’m so relaxed, we don’t want to go home, but like all good things they have to come to an end, and we have to get back to reality, at some point, we have to be Mr and Mrs, man and wife, and start our married lives.  Reality.


 (Wedding Photo cred to AmaraRitchie Photography)

November comes, we’ve been married for 3 months now, where has the time gone, why can’t we still be on our beautiful island in the middle of the clear blue sea,enjoying life as it should be. Nothing has really changed between us, which is great, why should a piece of paper and a few extra diamonds change the way we are together, we are in love, and nothing will change that.  This month also comes a personal and career milestone, I’ve just passed my level 3 Business Administration course, and have been asked by my amazing tutor to make the speech.  Nervous, I don’t do talking in front of people, I’m not that confident.  The day is here, I’m in my graduation gown, had the family photos taken and I’ve just been presented with my scroll, now speech time. I did it!!!  All be it with a red face and a few slurred words, but I did it *high five* to me!!

It’s Saturday today, everything’s the same today as it always is, nothing seems any different.  We are going down to see my parents, it’s a short drive , so won’t take long, but damn, I’ve forgot to feed the cat.  She’s 1 now, We love her to bits, she’s like our child.  Fergie we have called her, she’s a pure Bengal, and a stunning girl


Hold on…. Somethings not right?……BOOM, why am I on the floor, what the hell just happened, oh my god, what is this pain in my back and leg, I’m screaming…. Why am I screaming and crying at the same time… What’s going on…. Who stabbed me in the back, is this someone’s idea of a joke…… Why is my husband looking at me with a concerned face.. Why is he trying to lift me off the floor.  What can he see that I can’t.  What the heck just happened!! 

That was 2010, the best and worst year of my life, the year my life changed for good, the year I took advantage of the “in sickness and in health” vow i had just made 3 months earlier.  I had no idea what was about to come my way, a roller coaster of events, that would test every ounce of strength, courage, and power I had in my body.  My story is just about to start, the so far 5 years of my story, my life…. Life as I now know it.


3 thoughts on “My Story, The Start

  1. I hadn’t seen this post, it’s beautiful and heartbreaking. I’m so glad that amongst all the pain, you still have so much love around you and now you have me too. Such a beautiful bride too, glam indeed xxx

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    1. Aww thank you babe for reading! This was my first post and a scary one to write, but I had to be honest. And yes now I have you too, and I wouldn’t change that for the world. Xxx


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