Paris 🇫🇷 

Paris.  The destination for my 30th birthday.  Although I didn’t find out the destination till I was at the airport! 

I started to panic a little about the plane, the time I would have to spend sitting, the walking I would have to do just to get out of the airport plus the walking we would have to do when we got to Paris.  It’s not easy trying to plan when the trip is kept a surprise for you!, but as it turned out, an amazing surprise!

We stayed at the Pullman Hotel, literally below the Eiffel Tower, and my gosh the hotel was beautiful, very fancy and posh looking. The staff so friendly, and our cases were taken and delivered to our room.  Up to the 6th floor and our room was beautiful, and we had a view of the top,of the Eiffel Tower too.

For the 5 or so days we were there, we wandered about Paris, took the tour bus, which went round all the famous landmarks, the Arc De Triomphe, The Louvre, Grand Palais, Notre Dame and of course the Champs-Élysées.  Paris is such a beautiful place with its mixture of traditional and new buildings, meaning every narrow street is different and none look the same.  No matter how many times we took the bus and jumped on/off, there was always something new to see. A new shop, a new statue or monument, and of course all the people too.  It was an amazing experience, just to be there in all the hustle and bustle of tourists and of course Parisians going about their day as normal.

Standing in Louis Vuitton however was a surreal experience, I’ve never felt so uncomfortable but amazed all at the same time.  People were buying handbags, clothes, purses all over the place, but with that came Champagne along with the purchase, it was an amazing sight to see!  People dressed in head to toe designer, with big sunglasses, being followed by personal shoppers and even in the store with their French Bulldog, surreal or what!! 

Sunday 3rd May was my last day in my 20’s, so that night we headed up the Eiffel Tower. We stood waiting to get up for ages and we finally got to the summit at 11pm.  I had just made the top of the Eiffel Tower before I turned 30!  

On Monday 4th May, I turned 30. What better way to turn 30 than being in Paris! So that morning we decided to go to do some shopping. We got on the tour bus and headed for our favourite Macaron shop Fauchon, heaven I can tell you, like little clouds of loveliness! Then back on the bus eating our Macarons and drinking Champagne and headed towards the Champs-Élysées.  Tiffanys was the stop.  Wow. Tiffanys!! I’ve never been in Tiffanys, it’s a place a girl can only dream about!  The lady that served me was so delightful and helpful, so I out I walked with with my Tiffnay Blue bag in an anonymity bag, proud as punch! I just walked out of Tiffanys!! I bought a matching bracelet and necklace and my husband bought me a matching ring and bracelet, over the moon was an understatement, I was the luckiest girl in Paris right at that moment!

That night, my lovely friends bought us tickets to see Moulin Rouge.  Another wow moment! I have always dreamed of seeing and being at Moulin Rouge, and there I was, sitting at the table with the famous lamp, drinking more Champagne and watching all the sequins, feathers, rhinestones elegantly dancing across the stage. I was in awe, smiling from ear to ear, at that precise moment I was the happiest person in the world, a very lucky girl indeed!

I could not have asked for a better birthday! I mean who else can say they turned 30 in Paris and spent the afternoon in Tiffanys?!



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