Stress, Me & Chronic Pain 

We all get stressed, probably every day or atleast every week, whether it’s family, work, personal lives, financial worries, moving house or whatever the reason, each and every one of us has been there.  But how does it feel when you add chronic pain in to the mix?  

Chronic pain disrupts your life, lessens your ability to handle stress, weakens your immune system, and can sometimes result in anxiety, anger, and depression. 

Stress causes these pain signals called endorphins, and these signals are sent to the brain, which can completely take over the way you experience pain.

For me stress makes me very ill, it seems my brain sends all the endorphins right to my lower back, and bypasses my brain, and the feeling is one of excruciating pain, most of the time it cripples me.  Pain is tiring at the best of times but add in stress and utter exhaustion slowly creeps in.  I remember spending quite a few days feeling really low, the world had gotten on top of me, I couldn’t work my way out of all the stress, but on top of all that the pain intensified, and the best way to describe it is, it takes over, pain becomes all you know and all your about till you can manage to deal with the stress issue that got you there, it’s like a roller coaster! 

So how do you cope with stress?  Well everyone has their own ways of dealing with it, music, happy thoughts, yoga, maybe even removing yourself from the stressful situation, or whatever works for you.  I was given a coping technique from a cognitive therapist after my spinal injections failed, lovely lady, and yes she really helped me.  Anyway the method was to switch off and take myself to my happy place, which we worked out was the Maldives, where we went on honeymoon, and let me tell you it works! I imagine myself on the beach listening to the clear blue water lapping at the edge of the island and the pure silence, it’s instantly calming. Who couldn’t be calm with that view!    

Pet therapy is also a good way of relieving stress, I can testify to this!  There is nothing better than cuddling up with my 2 Bengal babies, stroking them and listening to them purr their little hearts out, it’s so relaxing!  If you have a pet, you will understand what I mean! 

I’m not going to pretend I know everything about stress and how to cope with it, I can only tell you how it makes me feel and how i deal with it, I am still learning different ways other than my “happy place” to help deal with it.  If only the world was a stress free place, maybe we would all be a little less pained. 

How do you deal with stress?  


4 thoughts on “Stress, Me & Chronic Pain 

  1. I’m not very good at coping with stress and anxieties so I will try your happy place idea. All I’ve ever been offered is pills so I’ve no ways to manage mine. Xx

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    1. What I was told was, close your eyes and think of the first place you felt relaxed, so instantly mine was the Maldives, and I’m back there in my head hundreds of times a week! It works for me, I hope it works for you. It’s a great calming technique xxxx

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