Repeating Myself 

In every day life there are tasks we all repeat every day, sort of a routine I guess you could say. We get up, we shower, we eat, we go to work and so on.  But with Chronic Pain, that normal daily routine, the repetition, that becomes part of life and what we as humans do, starts to drift away.  What we with Chronic Pain miss is the repitition of that routine, well I know i do!

Every day is different, there is no routine now as such, I still get up and go shower, eat and work, but sometimes not in that order, I can’t anymore, my back dictates my routine now, it dictates my life.

Repetition.  I can’t put in to words how much i hate it now, but also how much I come to expect it.  The world around me seems to have become aware of me and I can’t avoid certain things, I also can’t avoid silly questions either, or the same questions over and over again.  It’s happening whether I like it or not, I have to accept and move on.  Don’t I? 

The biggest and simply THE most annoying part of this new way of life is having to see a new doctor/surgeon/specialist (etc) for the first time and having to repeat your pain journey over and over again, repeating your prescribed list of medication, repeating your pain and where it “hurts”, then returning to the same person a month later and having to repeat the same things over again.  Why.  Why can’t you listen to me the first time, why do I have to repeat myself like a broken record.  Read your notes and stop asking me the same questions to which i am just repeating my answers from the last visit.

I have often thought, to save constantly repeating everything I say, let’s write everything down, everything I get asked, the same questions every time, let’s write down my answers, print them off and have a whole pile of my ready prepared answers to hand out.  Save me some time and save constantly repeating myself wouldn’t it ?!  Here’s my medication. Here’s where it hurts and how much it hurts.  This is the exercises I can do and how far I can go with them.  How long I can sit/stand/walk for. My average pain scale from 1-10 on a daily basis, amongst other things, these are the most asked questions!  

When I meet people in the street, and they see me limping or struggling to walk, “what’s happened to your leg” is the first thing that everyone asks me.  Here we go again, *sigh*, repeating myself to every stranger that passes and having to justify my issues to them.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful that people care enough to ask, but is it caring or is it just being plain nosey?  I guess there is a line and people out there will cross it, even with a complete stranger.

I’m all for repeating my daily tasks, things that i have to do every day, it’s life, it’s routine, it’s what we all do as human beings.  What I still need to adapt to, is this now different form of repeating myself, one that won’t go away no matter how many questions im asked or how many people stop you in the street and ask the same question.  

These repeated questions are here to stay now, they are now part of my life, my routine, part of who I now am.  Something I better get used to, quick…….

How do you deal with those “questions” from people?  How do you deal with repeating yourself?  Leave your tips in the comments!!


One thought on “Repeating Myself 

  1. Doctors who don’t know what’s wrong with you despite seeing you regularly… So familiar, and last time I said that to my friend, who slowly being damaged by her doctors who just experiment with her, she said “they do their best, they don’t have time”. That’s not good enough.. I’m changing surgery again until I find someone who will listen. Every time I go in I have to explain my depression and infertility to them… You’d think they’d know by now it’s all I ever talk about!
    Another great post hunnie, keep fighting for your rights to be treating as a human and listened to and mostly cared for. Big hugs xxx

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