Pets and Chronic Pain

So I can’t speak for everyone in the world, but I love animals, always have.  We had animals when we were younger, rabbits, hamsters and I even had a mouse, but we also had a dog called Chandy and a cat called Smokey. The relationship these two had was something special, Smokey wouldn’t go to her bed without Chandy and vice versa, true friends, best friends.

When I got my own house, our first house, it was Michael that decided one day to get a cat.  He had been researching local breeders and found a Bengal breeder only a few miles away from us.  We had to go. We both fell in love.  When we met Fergie, she hated Michael, this little bundle of fluff walking across a table so happy with herself, she was ours!  6 weeks later she was home and our lives have never been the same again! Bengal owners will understand this!! 

Fergie and I have been through a lot together, I’ve spent a lot of time at home over the past 5 years and she’s been my sidekick, my reminder to behave, and some days my reason to get out of bed.  I remember the first back surgery I had and coming home all I wanted to do was see Fergie (and of course Michael!!), we hadn’t really been apart and i hadn’t left her over night before.  I lay down in the bed and in an instant she was right beside me meowing at me and checking I was ok, she sensed something was wrong, I know she did.  Then she lay down beside me and slept and honestly I felt safe, my buddy was beside me and I was truly happy.  When Michael went to work, she followed me around everywhere I went, like a little sheep, constantly keeping an eye on me and meowing at me.  I swear she was a spy for Michael and would report back at the end of each day to him! 

Then in January 2014 a new arrival came bounding in to our lives and this one was more of a handful than the first!  Jessie was rescued and now safe with us, sharing our home and our hearts too!  She turned our world and our house upside down in an instant, but I wouldn’t change her for the world.  Then June of 2014 I was back in for my second surgery, again I had to leave Fergie, but also now Jessie over night, I missed them like mad.  Lying in a hospital bed, all you have is time to think about things, and that one night I was homesick, I just wanted my furry babies beside me.

I came home the following day and I had both of them all over me, different smells I had taken home, and something wasn’t right with mummy, now they both never left my side.  I had 2 little sheep following me around!  Fergie was the same as the first time round, always near me or at my side, and Jessie well she just wanted to play, like all the time.  You try telling a cat you’ve just had spinal surgery, no comprende! 

Without these two girls in my life, I don’t think I’d be where I am today.  And I know that sounds ridiculous, they are cats.  But to me they aren’t just cats, they are my best friends and my babies, they are what gets me up in the morning and keeps me going all day.  If Jessie wasn’t so desperate to play all the time and Fergie wanting my undivided attention, I’d probably be in bed all day with thoughts whirling round my head, which is dangerous.

Not only do they both keep me going, they both also help me relax and calm me down.  Theres nothing more relaxing than stroking a cat that’s purring its heart out quite content and happy with life.  Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, happy and care free, even just for a little while.  Those moments are precious and sometimes the pick-me-up you need just to keep going.  

I will forever have a special bond with both my cats, we have been through so much and yet they don’t judge, answer back or pity me.  They just know how to push my “happy button” and take my mind away from life.  Therapy all wrapped up in a bundle of fluff (all be it with sharp teeth and claws!!).

What’s your relationship with your pets?  How do they help you through difficult times?  I’d love to hear your stories! 




2 thoughts on “Pets and Chronic Pain

  1. Such a lovely post. I can completely relate. My Billy keeps me going too. I’ve had time when I only got up for him and he always keeps me entertained with his funny ways 🙂
    Animals are such a good therapy, I also believe they can feel our moods and react to them. Love this post Katrina xxx


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