Pushed My Luck

There’s always going to be the days that you push yourself too far, and then pay afterwards with pain.  Yet I still let my determination/stubbornness win and never learn.

So yesterday I decided it was a good day to go for a little walk.  I felt OK, or as OK as I could feel, and just wanted out the house to blow those cobwebs away.  I decided that I wouldn’t go far, just a little walk, to start with anyway.
0.73 miles and 20 minutes later, after I’d walked back the same route and basically fell through the kitchen door in agony, I did it!  And after sitting down for 5 minutes I felt OK, and was proud of the fact I’d managed to go for a walk, get some fresh air and seeing something other than the walls of the house.

Fast forward to bedtime, and boy was I regretting even thinking of going for that walk. What the hell was I thinking.  Well done Katrina, superb decision there.  

The fact that even breathing was hurting as I lay willing my back to stop pounding so I could just get  some sleep, was a sign of things to come, and a warning of how the day was going to be on Saturday.  

I was right.  The whole getting out of bed and walking thing was not happening.  I grabbed on to everything I could just so I could walk, but I ended up being held up by the husband with the “I told you so” look on his face.  Annoying but he was right. I even suggested that if I went for another walk today it might loosen off, yeah, if looks could kill……..

It’s so frustrating, I loved being out yesterday, just looking at the changing season around me, the fresh air, making friends with the cows in the field as I went.  I was happy.  Now look at me, I can barely walk, I feel sick with the pain, and moving my legs is just making it worse.

So this is where I’m stuck.  I’m told “your fat, you need some exercise”. Pray tell me how I do that.  I just went for a walk that has nearly killed me the following day.  So I would really appreciate if someone could tell me how I exercise but will still be able to walk and function the next day.

And yes perhaps I shouldnt have gone that far, in fact I know I shouldn’t have gone that far, but surely there’s nothing wrong with having a goal and completing that goal?  Maybe I need to calm down and set my goals a little lower.

A lesson learned?….. Maybe….. Till the next time.


12 thoughts on “Pushed My Luck

  1. A person with peanut allergy can die with even the tiniest speck of peanut. To build somewhat of a tolerance they will give the person 1/10,000th of a peanut. Barely large enough to be seen and that only if you know it is there. If the person can handle that dose, they will take that amount for awhile and then work to 2/10,000th of a peanut for days or weeks. Then three. Then four. They will never eat a snickers bar but over time with small consistent incremental progress, they may build enough of a tolerance that they don’t need to fear when someone is eating a PBJ sandwich at the next table. Don’t worry about the size of your progress but each day do a small consistent incremental something. It may just be walking to the living room and back every 30 minutes. Small. Incremental. Consistent. Not to much as to “feel the pain” but more than you would have otherwise done. You can do it. Don’t worry the size of the next goal. Just do a more. A little more.

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  2. I do “laps” inside my house some days…I get excited if I make it ten times around. My rule is that when I feel the “sharp” pain, I’m done for a little while. Rest up and then try again. But I’m glad you had such a nice day for your walk, and you saw an excellent cow! 🙂

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      1. Another idea….if you have a car, drive close to where you want to walk, and then have a short walk in a beautiful place. That way, the car is waiting when you’re done with the exercise.

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      1. I have done that before also….I tend to forget that I have to walk back. 🙂 Don’t beat yourself up…tomorrow is another day, and you did enjoy yourself while you were out there. 🙂


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