Get to know me….

So I saw a post that This Panda Travels posted up today (read here: This Panda Travels) and thought I’d do my version!  

Get To Know Me..

  • Are you named after anyone?  I don’t think I am, I don’t know many Katrina’s!! 
  • Favourite Smells?  I love the smell of Cinnamon.  Beautiful scented candles.  Forest walks and smells of trees in the air.
  • Summer or Winter? Definately Winter, I love being all cosy, wrapped up and cosy nights in and the smells that Winter produces.  The scenery/landscape changes so much in Winter and there is something beautiful about it. 
  • What’s the furthest you’ve been away from home?  The Maldives.  We went there for our honeymoon – gorgeous!
  • Do you have any talents?  I’m just starting to learn knitting (did when I was young) again, not sure if that’s a talent though!  
  • What are your hobbies?  I love to take photographs, especially sport events.  I enjoy raising money for charity and worthy causes.  I love to watch my local ladies rugby team play their matches, perhaps I might have played pre-back problems!! 


    • Do you have any pets?  Yes I have a fish called Bubbles, and 2 Bengal cats called Fergie and Jessie. And an English Springer Spaniel called Bubba. 
    • Favourite place you’ve visited so far?  I’d obviously have to say the Maldives it was such a special holiday and one to remember, but also Paris where I went to for my 30th birthday this year.


      • Dream Holiday?  Canada and Alaska.
      • Next Destination?  Nothing planned as yet, depends on funds I guess!  

      Fancy writing your own “Get to know me” post?  Go ahead and copy the questions and tag me in your answers!

      Have fun! 


        6 thoughts on “Get to know me….

          1. Yeah i sure do Hun! Michael bought me a tank and bubbles for my birthday I think about 3/4 years ago! He’s still going strong even though his friend Fatz does and his other friend Cider the apple snail?! Xx


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