Badge/Disability Attack

There have been so many posts lately through social media about attacks on disabled people, namely the use of disabled badges and people not understanding the meaning or importance of that little blue badge.

Justine Van Den Borne (from Australia) posted this picture on Facebook along with a post which explains her condition to the world.  Justine has MS.  But actually Justine having MS doesn’t matter, it does not matter to the person that left this note, it’s none of their business why she has a disabled badge and she should not have to justify her ill health to a complete stranger. 

image from Justine Van Den Borne Facebook page

Cherrylee Houston (known from Coronation Street) also received a knock on her door and has apparently had a picture taken of her and being reported for being a benefit cheat!!  

What is this world coming to that we think it’s acceptable to treat people in this way?  Do “we” not have enough on our plate dealing with our illness without having to justify our every single move?

I to have have disabled badge, and I’m so utterly grateful for it.  It allows me to atleast in part function like i used to do.  Walking any distance hurts me, and not being able to get out of the car is frustrating, all this amongst other things I have to deal with daily.  

Do you honestly think I appreciate the glaring looks I get when I get out of the car in a marked disabled space?  Do you think I appreciate your glowering eyes following my every step just so you can see if I like “disabled” enough to you?  Your “tutting” and muttering under your breath.  It’s not required. Never will be.

I don’t want to have a badge. I never thought I would ever have one (well till I was about 90 years old anyway!), so do you think that’s easy for me, accepting that my life has changed so much I now rely on a blue bit of plastic and a slightly larger space so I can go about my daily life and try and live in less pain?

But yet here I am justifying myself again.  Why?!
But hey, atleast social media is allowing “us” the chance to respond to these ignorant people and justify our health to them.  Because we have nothing better to do with our time?!

All I ask is, be human, be kind and don’t be so bloody ignorant and down right rude.  That person you give glowering looks to or take pictures of and report them, has probably dealt with an unbelievable amount of crap that day, more than you’ve ever had in your lifetime.  Think about how much time, energy, strength and courage it’s taken that person just to leave the house.

Nobody wants to be disabled, and NOBODY needs to justify heir disability. 

Never.  Ever. 


8 thoughts on “Badge/Disability Attack

  1. Kate, I certainly understand how you’re feeling and certainly no one should be critical of anyone with a disability. But there is another side to the story and one shouldn’t judge those who report the fraud either, even if they might be wrong. I don’t think people are trying to be mean as much as possibly trying to stop the abuse of those claiming a disability. Disability fraud is huge here in the United States.

    What people forget, is that taxpayers are paying for this. No one likes their tax dollars being thrown away on those who are taking advantage of something they have no right to.

    My daughter has a son with disabilities and she would be the first one to report fraud. I, too, deal with constant pain and some days can barely walk but I understand why others try to bring attention to this problem. If I obtain a disability tag and someone were to look at me askance because my disability might not be obvious, it wouldn’t bother me at all because I would know I had that tag legitimately. As long as one’s disability is genuine, there’s no cause for concern. But those who are “milking” the system might have something to worry about if more people did report fraud.

    God bless and have a good day.

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    1. Absolutely right, there is so much judgement these days, it’s hard to do anything right! I too have started to report people taking “advantage”. A while back a man parked in a disabled space (no badge) to pick up his Chinese? How is that right? I reported him but I don’t think anything has been done, which is disappointing! I too know that my badge is legitimate, but the stares and glowers every time you get out the car do get annoying. I shouldn’t have to prove myself to strangers, but yet feel compelled to justify myself. Xxx


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