Favourite moments from 2015 

It’s been a hectic 2015, and where it has flown to is beyond me!  I cannot believe that we are literally entering a New Year already!  So I thought I’d share my year, the highs and lows and everything in between, my favourite moments.

After recovering from my 2nd spinal operation, 6 months, I returned back to work in January.  I’m now working from home, which has been a life change to adapt to.  And yes, this is classed as a favourite moment even thought it is work, because unless you have been off work for a long period of time, you will never understand the feeling of being wanted, using your brain and getting back to a routine.  It’s not been easy, far from it, but I’m back and enjoying being busy again!

In February, hubby and I decided we were going to sell our house.  We bought the house just over 7 years ago, but were fast out-growing it.  So like proper grown ups, we put it up for sale and say waiting, wondering if anyone would buy it!  

In May, I turned 30!  I always said I wanted to be away for my birthday, didn’t matter where, just away.  So hubby, along with 2 of our friends, whisked me away to…. Paris!! What an amazing trip. I will never believer forget it.  Macarons, Eiffel Tower, Champagne, Mojito’s – one happy girl!  But actually spending my  birthday on the Champs-Élysées and in ACTUAL Tiffany’s was the best birthday I could ever have asked for!  The day was topped off by seeing La Féerie at Moulin Rouge – amazing!  (Thank you Stacey & Shane – so much!!) 

In June, although a few weeks early, my niece was born.  Poppy was born on Fathers Day!  It’s been great watching her little person grown and develop her own little personality, her smile is infectious! 

In July we moved house after selling our own one in May.  The day before we moved house I fell and tore the ligaments in my left ankle – perfect timing!! Anyway, the house we always wanted was ours and we fell in love.  It was the best decision we ever made!  New house, new start!

In August, my brother proposed to his girlfriend of 10 years, and of course she said Yes!  Now to find a hat….. 

This year has also seen me practising my camera skills at ladies rugby!  It’s been a great challenge learning how to take pictures, and believe me I’ve some way to go yet, but without the support of the Garioch Ladies and them allowing me to photograph them, I wouldn’t be able to take the pictures I do.  It’s also such a great afternoon out, throughly enjoy it!  Get yourself down to support your local team!! 

This year has also been a great year for new people in my life.  I have made so many new friends, supportive friends, who every day encourage and inspire me to keep going.  Sharing our problems, keeping each other going, that’s what friendship is all about.  I just know hat 2016 is going to be an even better year with these people around me.

I have also read so many new blogs, which is inspiring, as there are so many people out there sharing their stories.  Whether it’s a battle with an illness, travel journals, cooking, your all amazing and I can’t wait to follow all these journeys throughout 2016! 

So all in all its been a pretty awesome year.  I feel like I have never stopped, but that’s been good too, keeping my mind active.  

Stay tuned for 2016, we have an exciting start in just a couple days, which I will share with you all soon! 

Happy New Year to you all.  May 2016 bring you everything you wish for.  And as we say in Scotland “Lang may yer lum reek”.



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