New Year Goals

New Year, New Goals.  

Yes we all set these resolutions, which are never stuck to, give it till Mid January and they seem to get forgotten about and excuses made.  

I’ve never been one for resolutions, not because I wouldn’t stick to them (because I know I wouldn’t!!) but why put yourself under that pressure to stick to some unrealistic thought?

So how about a goal?  Maybe these are what we should be setting? Slightly less pressure perhaps, depending on what they are of course!  I like to think that goals can be set not only to cover the coming year but for years to come, after all, giving ourselves a deadline to complete something by is probably part of the problem of not sticking to anything.

So to kick off, here are some goals I’ve made for myself.

  1. To try and exercise a little more. This depends obviously on my daily pain and ability, but perhaps building up my daily/weekly tolerance to exercise may get me there and take me further. Also because I want to and not because I’m constantly told I’m Obese and Fat. If I manage, I manage, but I will not be pressured in to it!
  2. Make and eat healthier foods.  We don’t really eat rubbish as it is, Yes we have the odd takeaway, who doesn’t, but I mean more cooking from scratch and enjoying making different exciting meals again.
  3. ME.  Over the past few years coming to the realisation that no matter what you do, someone will have an opinion and hold a grudge.  So why do I keep trying to please people and get nothing back? No more I say!! Time to look out for Me.  
  4. Get Crafty.  I’ve recently started knitting and so far enjoying it.  I’m a real beginner, certainly no expert, but having something to focus on and keep my mind off other things (mainly my back!!) has been a real comfort.  
  5. Learn.  I want to learn more, possibly a language, a new craft, or even take a course. Again, no time limit. I want to find something I want to do, and be happy and comfortable in doing it! You’ve got to enjoy it after all! 
  6. Awareness.  I want to try and raise awareness of Chronic Pain, Spinal conditions, Degenerative Disc Disease, all the things I’ve dealt with these past few years.  Scotland has a complete lack of services, support groups and general know-how for these conditions.  I think it’s time that changes! 

So as you will see, nothing fancy, nothing that can’t be stuck to and achieved (apart from maybe no 6!!).  Let’s see how I get on! 

Do tell me if you have set any goals for yourself, and how you are getting on!


12 thoughts on “New Year Goals

  1. Great blog, great ideas, great human being! I’ll be here watching and supporting you, especially with the crafting!
    My goal is to get fit.. still working on it so that I am giving myself the best chances I can to try have a baby.
    Go you! xx

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  2. One of my goals this year is to complete a marathon even if it’s just a 5km or something. I’ve always wanted to do one so this year I shall! Definitely agree with you on learning something new, I’ve been trying to teach myself French but it’s harder than I expected lol 😀 xx


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