January – In Pictures 

So I have seen quite a few blog posts, mainly make up or fashion posts, that share “My week in Pictures”.  So I thought I’d switch it up a little.  

So here’s my January in pictures!

Picture 1 – The beginning of January saw me returning to hospital with agonising pain in my back, to meet with my Pain Doctor and also Surgeon.  With more tests and talks to be had yet, I’ll be returning to hospital quite a few more times! (More to come on this!!)

Picture 2 – On 4th January, we welcomed home our newest member of the family.  Meet Bubba.  He’s an English Springer Spaniel and a working dog for my husband who is a shooter.  He’s an amazing little dude, great personality and so very very gentle, it’s only been just over 1 month, but we certainly have fallen in love! He’s a mummy’s boy!!

Picture 3 – Having Bubba home, means walks.  So i have been getting out of the house quite a lot more, which is doing me the world of good.  Having someone to focus on (because he needs a pee!!) has been a great thing!   So while out for walks at our new house the scenery every day is different, some gorgeous sky lines.  This is the reason I love the country. 

Picture 4 – I have started a wee shop, selling some handmade items over on Etsy.  I started making knitted bows, finishing them with ribbon or whatever takes my fancy.  It’s been a good learning curve for me, but not only that, it takes my mind of my pain most days and relaxes me.  Can only be a good thing right?!   

Picture 5 – Out came the camera! It’s not been out for a while, so I thought seeing as we had a new model in the family (the cats are delighted!!) I’d give it a shot!  I love taking pictures, but by no means a pro.  But it’s another hobby that keeps my mind active.  Be sure to follow my social accounts for the end results! 

Picture 6 – Slow Cooking.  I always wanted a slow cooker, just so I could make different things and not have to worry about cooking tea later in the day, especially when my pain got too bad – cooking is the last thing on your mind! So i have made quite a few meals this month, and love my cooker!  Sausage Hotpot, Lentil Soup, Mac & Cheese, Potato and Leek soup and a whole chicken!  I cannot recommend highly enough, they are amazing contraptions!! 

So there you go! January, my January in pictures.  Let’s see what February has to hold! 


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