Have you ever… 

Have you ever just sat and thought about things? I mean really thought about things.

Have you ever sat in the corner of a room and thought, “if only I could stay here forever – atleast nobody could hurt me, I’d be safe here”

Have you ever thought that if you never move from one spot again, your body wouldn’t hurt and your mind wouldn’t join in.

Have you ever wondered why you have been dealt the crappy end of the stick and wondered what you did in a previous life to deserve this, now.

Have you ever thought of ending all the pain? Because then it wouldn’t hurt, then you wouldn’t be a burden, then you’d be free.

Have you ever thought that one day, maybe things will get better? Maybe you don’t believe that right this second, but they will.  I hope they will. I know they will.  I hope. 

There will always be a dark hour, but there will always be light to follow.



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