Cuties and Hope

A while back, in fact about a year now, while scrolling through Twitter one evening, I came across this person selling a truly unique product, and of course I had to click and see what it was all about. Since then I have never looked back and am very thankful I did investigate that night!

Cuties.  Yes cuties.  They are as adorable as the word itself.  

Steffie Bon and her helper Dotty (the original cutie!) are at the helm of Cutie HQ.  But there’s also a reason as to why Cuties are taking over the world (quite literally!) Steffie and Shaun are trying to save for IVF. A baby. Of their own.  

Through no fault of her own, hospital negligence means that Steffie can’t conceive naturally, and is therefore relying on IVF to make their dream come true.  Did you know that it costs around £7,000 per treatment for IVF? And that most need 3 tries? That’s £21,000 minimum.  No mean feat whoever you are!

Read Steffie’s blog HERE

And so the cutie invasion was born!

These gorgeous little things are so well made and the love, care and attention that goes in to each and everyone is evidently shown on the final cutie you receive.  Each is given a different name, raging from Astrid to Penny and every name in between! And if you want a personalised cutie, Steffie can do that too, colour, bow, name, it can all be done!

So I ordered my first Cutie, Hope.  She arrived in no time at all, beautifully at home in her nest box waiting to greet me with those huge eyes!  You cannot help but smile (I 100% guarantee you will!).  Since then I’ve added to my cutie family with May, Fergie, Jessie, Etta and Gertrude – The Cutie Gang!  

The day Hope arrived in Scotland

I have made such a fabulous friend in Steffie, she is such a caring, warm hearted person, who will do anything she can to help anyone. I am a really lucky person to have her in my life, a fabulous lady! 

These guys make me smile every day, they are adorable, you cannot help but smile!  But they are for a fabulous cause, and if I can help, so can you! 

So in short, you need a cutie in your life (or like me 6!), and by adopting one, you are helping a wonderful couple achieve their dream of becoming parents.  Steffie has just sent our her latest newsletter, in which she tells her followers, they are £512 away from the first try at IVF – that’s 50 cuties! 50 cuties is nothing!  

So, what are you waiting for! Get your cutie ordered, for yourself or even for a gift for someone else, and help them reach this 1st target, you seriously won’t regret it!

Be warned – cuteness overload!!

The Cutie Gang

    6 thoughts on “Cuties and Hope

    1. I’m way to overwhelmed right now to know what to say other thank you, thank you for this and thank you for being the amazing girl that you are. Shaun’s right next to me and he echoes this too. Katrina, you’re amazing! xxx

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