February – In Pictures

So here is my next instalment of monthly pictures.  This time for February.  Enjoy! Xx

 Bubba has been home for 2 months now.  It’s been great getting to know this wee guy! Every day he’s so happy to see you,  it makes your heart happy!

  I need to read more! So with a recommendation from a friend I bought these! I still have another 2 books not even started! Must get reading!!

  Getting out and about has been great to see the days and seasons changing.  This cloud was amazing, I felt I could almost touch it! 

  This little lady, Fergie, has been really quiet this month, but still loves a cuddle!  She’s such a little tiger!! 

  This one on the other hand, Jessie, has been her usual running around, hyper, meowing self! 

  After a long time since a game, Garioch Ladies were back on the pitch against Howe of Fife and their home ground.  I was there to take some pictures of the game. Final score 19-12 to Garioch. 

And that’s it for this month! Do let me see your month in pictures! 


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