March in Pictures 

What have you all been up to this Month?  The weather here in Scotland has been a bit crazy, Sun, Snow, Rain (and that’s just in one day!)

Here’s my month in Pictures!

 It’s now supposed to be Spring, they lied! This was my hat after walking for 5 minutes with Bubba!

 Being in the middle of nowhere certainly has its perks!  You get to see amazing sunsets like this one (10th March 2016)

 I came to the stark realisation of just how many tablets I shove down my throat every week! Scared the bejesus out of me! Read my blog post about it HERE

I became a member of Chronic Illness Bloggers.  I had no idea there were so many people blogging about their pain journey. And of course the blogs I have read so far are amazing!  There are some truly inspirational people out there.  Remember to “like” the Facebook page for more blogs Chronic Illness Bloggers

22nd March saw my little wee Blog turn 1 years old! I can’t actually believe it’s been a whole year of me rabbiting on, but for those of you who follow me, thanks for sticking by me for this long! X

 Snowdrops – a sure sign of Spring is here.  But also, how cute are they!

 Bubba also got his 1st proper haircut.  We had no idea he was soooo spotty under all that hair! Such a handsome boy! So less hair = less towels to wash….. Someone pass the word on to Bubba please?!

So that’s it for March.  Scenery and seasons are changing, and as this is our first spring in our new house, I’m looking forward to seeing everything change around us!

Send me your pictures for the month!


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