Baobab – The Feel Good Fruit

Stumbling across something new and exciting, not knowing what you may get from it, is the best kind of surprise.  So when I saw an Aduna post on Twitter, I wondered what this company was.  Having never heard of them before, intrigue got the better of me.

I asked for some samples of Baobab and Moringa, and these cute little sachets arrived in the post.  Along with them, these little cards to tell you all about each one, and ways in which to use them.

Now I’m fussy, real fussy when it comes to food, and have never been a person to add anything to whatever I eat.  I literally have to smell any foods or drinks, before it crosses my lips, but again, intrigued I thought I’d may aswell give it a go. 

I bought myself a smoothie maker a while back and had never used it, so time to dig it out and go for it!  First off was a plain and simple Strawberry and Banana smoothie (I did say I was fussy!) and in went the sachet, of course sniffed first. No smell. Great!  Taste, well there was no odd taste either.

As this was just a little sachet I decided to order more, in a bigger tub.  And for a good month, I added 1 tablespoon of Baobab to every morning smoothie.

I had never really thought about it, but looking back i did notice a difference, even with the small amount I was adding to my smoothie every day.  My energy levels were up, and that’s amazing when I was so exhausted with Chronic Pain every day.  My skin was much clearer, way less spots.  All this because of Baobab.  This Feel Good Fruit is a rich source of Vitamin C, supports energy release, immune system and skin health.  Explains it all really!

Now I’m not saying this is a cure for my Chronic Pain, it’s not meant for that, and nothing will ever cure me now, but I can honestly say it does give me a great energy boost, it’s natural and healthy and I’m all for that!

Baobab Fruit

So more about the actual fruit, and where it comes from – here are some facts!

  • Unlike the fruit, baobab trees are already pretty famous with starring roles in The Lion King (Rafiki the monkey’s tree), The Little Prince, Avatar (Tree of Souls) & Madagascar 
    The Baobab Tree
  • Baobab trees are wild and community-owned. A global trade in baobab could create income for 10 million families – most of whom are struggling to survive on less than $1 a day – a far more sustainable and transformative solution than aid
  • Baobab is great for kids and can be used as an alternative to sugar to lightly sweeten porridge, yogurt or cereals.

Needless to say I’m a massive fan of Baobab, it’s benefits are amazing.  And what can be better than supporting a growing trade in this Super Fruit, which in turn supports communities and families.

Aduna has also just introduced a new product – Cacao – seriously this stuff is delicious!  It’s a little like Cocoa powder, but MUCH healthier!  You can even have this every day and be guilt free!  Make everything you eat taste like chocolate, what’s not to love! 

Go to the website and check or these amazing products for yourself- Aduna.  There’s free delivery on orders over £20 (UK) and currently 25% off everything!

Go on, what are you waiting for – give it a try and #HelpMakeBaobabFamous 

“This post is no way sponsored, views and opinions are my own”


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      1. Not near me sadly. There’s ones further up north in Kruger Park but I’ve never seen them. I remember seeing them in Zimbabwe when I was younger. I’d love to go to Madagascar and see those ones, they look so beautiful!

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