Down the Hatch..

Every day I have to force tablets down my throat, and every day it gets harder to do.  And why? All so I can function.

I crawl out of my bed, have some breakfast, usually just some bread and jam (sooo not the healthiest!) because I feel so sick I can’t stomach anything else.  I wait 10 minutes or so and face the pill box. 

Now I never had a pill box until about 6 months ago, but the boxes of tablets I had to take, took up so much space on my kitchen worktop, it was time.  I remember my granny had a pill box, and I always wondered why, but I always said I wouldn’t ever need one, they aren’t for young people like me.  How wrong could I be! 

So for the morning, 8 (sometimes more) tablets go down the hatch, unwillingly.  Water no longer flushes them down, it has to be something with fizz, because although it sounds ridiculous, you can’t hold a fizzy drink in your mouth, you have to swallow.  About 30 mins later some have started to kick in, and it’s only then I feel able to take a shower. 

Around lunch time, another tablet stop.  More down the hatch.  The same goes for Tea time, and the last dose taken just before bed.

I live my life around tablets and the time to take them.  It’s not something I’m happy with, it’s a necessity.  If I didn’t take them, I’d hate to think of the mess and the agonising pain I’d be in.  Not to mention withdrawals from not taking anything. Just missing one dose has an effect, because I’ve gone for more hours than I should without any pain relief.  One dose of tablets does not cover you for a whole day – a lesson I have had to learn, the hard way.  And of course there are the days (before the pill box) when you cannot remember if you even took tablets, you try and try to remember, but blank. You dare not take any just incase you OD yourself, but then you risk the day being in pain till the next dose. Probably safer to wait till the next dose than try and rely on your shabby memory! 


At the weekend I sat and made up my next weeks’ worth of tablets, of course using my pill box.  Then I suddenly thought I’d tip the whole lot out and see what it looked like.
I was stunned.  Now I’m probably not taking even half of what some people do, but I’ve gone from taking nothing but the odd paracetamol for a headache to this. What the hell! 

My week worth of tablets
I should have counted them, but I was that shocked at what was sitting in front of me, and the realisation I had to put each one back in their daily time section, and trying to keep the cat from playing with them all, I gave up! 

All that just to get me through a week.  And that doesn’t include vitamins I take and the Lidocaine patches I wear.  

Being ill sure isn’t a barrel of laughs, and when you are faced with all that medication just to make you feel slightly more human, each day, one has to wonder if it is all worth it.


14 thoughts on “Down the Hatch..

  1. We do wonder if it’s worth it hunni, but I bet it would be even worse without them.. Just wish the doctors would consolidate and I wish yours would follow the surgeon’s instructions and try the other treatment! I’m like you, some days I don’t remember and I don’t take that many at all! Hug xx

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  2. I’m the proud owner of a pill box too! I’m extremely lucky to have been able to be taking less and less over the years, but my life still only works with those pills. Sometimes they go down easily, sometimes they get stuck & sometimes I just can’t face them. But they do help me, and I often think, how does each of those little pills that are all going in, how do they know what they are supposed to do? Another great read Kat xx

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    1. Good point lovely! I wonder how they know to “go to” my back and dull the pain there?! Interesting! I wouldn’t be without my pill box now, seeing as my memory is like a sieve, I need it to tell me days and times!!! Xxx

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  3. I only take one tablet a day, a very important one and I sometimes forget whether I’ve taken it or not. I couldn’t imagine trying to remember to take all the tablets you take! They should just mash them into one big tablet for you! xx

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