1 year

Today – 22nd March 2016 – marks 1 year since I started blogging.  Blogging about my journey with chronic pain.  A whole year of me talking about me!  

On a serious note though, deciding to share my story, my treatments and everything in between, was a tough but good decision.  Actually writing things down, has been a form of therapy for me, and I’m also able to read everything back, and see how far I personally have come since the beginning, 5 years ago.

For me it’s not about stats and how many likes I get, it’s about sharing my journey so that one day someone going through the same thing can relate to the journey I have been on and will continue to take.  Just knowing someone else in the world is in the same situation and able to read what I share, means hopefully I can help that person through the dark and happy days.

So thank you, to you, reading this, and reading every blog I share.  

I do hope you will stay on this journey with me, and share my experiences, good or bad.

Here’s to another year of blogs!!

Thank you!



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