May – In pictures

Well that’s the end of May, seriously don’t know where this month has gone! And, we are now in to the first half of the year! So here is my May Month in Pictures. 

It was my 31st Birthday on 4th May, and yes I felt the love! So many cards, gifts and flowers! My house looked and smelled amazing! Very Lucky girl! 
I have had OT (Occupational Therapy) visiting me for the past month, and have loads of new ideas for things to help me around the house.  This was one – a Knork! (Blog post to follow!)

It was time for Bubbas yearly jabs at  the V.E.T  this month.  Daddy didn’t empty the car boot, so he got in the back seat.  He was fairly chuffed with himself! And he’s a healthy boy, and weighs 22.85kg!  

Up behind our house there is a cute little walk, which you wouldn’t know was there if you didn’t see the sign – right at the top, is this monument – the Cot Hill View Point – amazing views of the countryside! 

I have invested in another pair of trainers this month and have heard good things about Sketchers.  So here they are – memory foam and so so so comfy! Get yourself a pair! These were bought from MandM Direct and I £27!!

And finally a perfect end to the month.  We went to the beach, about 20 mins from the house.  Bubba has never been to the beach, and my god he just loved it!

Even more perfect, Michael had the whole weekend off, so after a long 2 months of barely seeing him, it was a lovely end to the weekend.  

I LOVE the beach, I find it so relaxing and just so peaceful, it’s a fantastic way to clear your mind and let all those thoughts drift out to sea…..



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