Something new…

So let’s face it, Chronic Pain can be really boring and annoying, and let’s also be honest, do you really want to read about it all the time? Hell no! Christ I don’t even want to write about it all the time and I’ve got to live with it!

So in a change from the norm, I thought I’d share some things that happen, things I buy, thoughts (not on pain!!), tips, cooking/baking, books, films, etc etc – just because I like a change!  Basically an insight to what goes on with me that doesn’t involve pain! 

I’m one of those people that changed my bedroom furniture around every week when I was a teenager, so I can’t sit still for long, and things have to be different!

Don’t worry, I’ll still blog about Chronic Pain, but I want to share more about me, I want people to see that’s there is more to me that this stupid disabling back pain, and that I do have other things in my life worth talking about (just need to find some now…..!).  So if you are still hanging on, come along with me and let’s see what else we find along our journey together….




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