June – In Pictures  

It’s June! 6 months till Christmas!! If that hasn’t put you off, here’s my Month in Pictures!! 

We have almost been here a year now, and we LOVE it!  So here is the back of our house, basking in the sunshine! 

I also won a Giveaway this month, run by the amazingly talented  Four Beautiful Keys (Haley).  I loved this necklace since she introduced it to her range.  It says “You’re entirely bonkers, but I’ll tell you a secret, all the best people are” – quote from Alice In Wonderland – so I was over the moon to have won!! Thank you Haley!! 

Bubba went to work with Daddy for half a day, this was the end result by night – one very tired dog!  It’s had work being a mechanics assistant don’t you know! 

Bonjour!! Cutie alert!! It seems I’m addicted to Cuties!  I ordered another from MadeBySteffieB (I have 8 now!!) and Merci has arrived.  She’s French, and BFF’s with my first cutie Hope.  Follow their adventures on Facebook!

Thanks to Martin at Style Shack for making this fabulous cushion from hubby’s old Motocross Top – something different and quirky! Martin has made many cushions for me, and I can hand on heart say, they are the best – top quality and perfect work. Head over to see what Martin can do for you! 

I saw Physio again this month, but amazingly not for my back!  I have Mortons Neuroma in my right foot, and it’s bloody painful, so first session of ultrasound, and a few more to come I think!

Heather, Lavender and Fergie’s Christmas Tree

The only planted bit of garden I have right now, is flourishing well, even though it’s battered by the elements we have in the countryside every day!  Hopefully once the builders have finished, I’ll get to start my garden designs soon!

Anyway folks – that’s June!  Hope you have all had a great month – remember to show me your pictures! 


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