Cast on… 

When I was little I remember my mum teaching me to knit.  Just the basics, and to be fair I probably didn’t have the attention span to sit down and knit every night, there were far more interesting things to be doing!!

So about 8 months ago, my lovely friend Steffie, challenged me to make one of those Innocent smoothie hats, you know the ones you get on the bottles which raise funds for Age Concern.  Challenge was the word, I hadn’t picked up needles for like 20 years!! But I got some wool, a shot of some needles from my mum and set about trying to learn to cast on and then actually knit.  YouTube – amazing!!

my first ever hat – far from perfect!

I worked away, and believe me, the end result was NOT amazing, and no way in hell was it going on one of those bottles, I’d die of embarrassment!!

But I kept going and learning, watching tutorials, learning the basics, and slowly it was getting a bit better, slightly less holes anyway! 

a French colour scheme – getting better!!

Then I came upon the idea of making little bows, the hair bow type of bow.  Now I really was setting myself up for a challenge, but I figured, if I can atleast make a poor attempt of a bottle hat, then a bow would surely be easier!?  Yeah sure it was ok, till “why don’t you try purl” was mentioned.  Purl! What the hell is that! Back to watching videos I go!

Anyway i digress! I was now a bow making machine!  And I was pretty chuffed with them.  I was attaching them to hair bobbles, and also those snap slides and alligator clips, actually making a product, a thing! I was crafty!! 

I went from not remembering how to even hold a pair of knitting needles, to making a mini hat to fit an egg/bottle top, to then making a bow, which someone could wear in their hair!  How good am I!! 

So when Steffie mentioned why don’t I open and Etsy shop and sell them, I thought ok, no harm in it.  It’s not really costing me much, just the wool, and a ball will last me a blinking long time!  Let’s give it a shot!

And so the Etsy shop – Adventures of Hope was opened!  Click the link here – Etsy Shop

I am certainly no expert at knitting, I do ask quite a few questions, and I make hundreds of mistakes, but I’m learning as I go, and enjoying it! Not only that, it does let me concentrate on something other than the daily pain.  It’s I guess what you’d call therapy.  

Anway – see something you like in my wee shop, get in touch! I also have a Facebook page and Twitter (@hopesadventure) page too! 

Please let me know what you think of my creations!


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