It Means Nothing….

Ok so, the biggest ever Stereophonics fan in the world, ever, is ME! Hands down, my favourite band in the world, no other band compares. 

The hubby is also a fan, or maybe he isn’t and just puts up with me (remind me to ask him this!!), but either way, we both love their songs.

Our first dance at our Wedding was “It Means Nothing” – purely because we love the song and it has special meaning to us both.  And for our 4th wedding anniversary, I got the lyrics drawn to give as his present (drawn by the amazing Alfie Winn Designs)

Oh and I also have that song title as a tattoo on my left wrist!

Anyway, having always seen them perform at our local arena in Aberdeen, this year, there was to be no Aberdeen date – gutted!  There was however a date announced at Edinburgh Castle! And un known to me hubby had bought tickets!! I was given a flat, wrapped envelope on Christmas day, which had a picture of the Castle and of course 1 of Kelly – he even laminated them!! 

Chuffed to bits, I had to wait till 15th July for the concert, let me tell you 7 months is a loooooong time to wait! 2 weeks after he had booked the tickets, they announced and Aberdeen date! But I didn’t care, Edinburgh was going to be better!

Anyway.  Finally the 15th July came round – remember I’ve been waiting since Christmas Day for this! We drove to Edinurgh, got some food and headed to the Castle for 8pm.

And boom! 8.30 and the concert started! “Cest la Vie”was the first song played from their new album “Keep the Village Alive”.

For the first hour, the weather held off, and the setting was pretty special – way better than the AECC – the flickering torches on the castle in the background! But then the heavens literally opened, and I mean opened! Soaked to the bone! But still we sat and watched, by this point, past caring we were soaked! 

There was a mix of old and the new album songs, as they do at every concert, and every time, each song makes you sing along, whether it’s Local Boy in The Photograph or Handbags and Gladrags, you will be singing along!

One of my fave songs though has to be Dakota, and this was the last song of the evening. Once finished, we walked for a taxi back to the hotel, both looking like we’d had accident in our trousers we were that wet!!

But it was a fantastic night, A night that I won’t forget in a long time, and who knows they might never play there again – but I can now say, I’ve seen them perform at Edinburgh Castle!!

Oh and of course, I had to get the obligatory Programme (I have one from every concert I’ve been at), and finally after 15 years of seeing them, I saved and bought myself and hubby a tshirt!! 

A memory to last a life time……


5 thoughts on “It Means Nothing….

    1. It was a long awaited night away/out – a great time! I know right – the fact he laminated them was very impressive, good job I married him eh!! Xxx. Thank you for your kind comment! Xx


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