July – In Pictures 

July!  I waited for what seems forever for July to come, just so I could finally get my Christmas present! Read more about it in my Month in Pictures and my blog post It Means Nothing.

I got myself a blog header! Design by DorkFace – simple but fabulous! 

I got this awesome piggy bank for my birthday back in May, and finally I have started to use it! £7 saved so far, doesn’t sound much, but when you don’t carry money, that’s a lot! Lots more room for plenty more! 

The one and only strawberry that I managed to reduce from my plants! Even this one was a bit “eaten”!! 

I got new wool (from The Wool Warehouse) and this orange is mega bright! It’s called Jaffa, but it almost luminous! I’ve added this to my Etsy shop if anyone would like to buy it! There’s also an opposite version – Pink with Orange!

I also ordered myself a custom made stamp, so I could include a little tag with my Etsy shop orders.  It’s perfect and was made and delivered super quick! Get yours from Little Stamp Store.  

And lastly, I saw the Stereophonics at Edinburgh Castle on 15th July, it lashed rain, we were soaked, but I was a fantastic night!

Have a fabulous August!!


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