August – In Pictures

August seems to be my busiest month of the year, birthdays, anniversaries, and everything in between!

We headed off to a Game Fair, at Moy (away in the Highlands of Scotland near Inverness), and took Bubba too.  This was a test for him, being around so many people and other dogs, but goodness he was amazing, nothing phased him at all! My white dog was black with mud by the end of the day! But a really good day out and time with my hubby too! 

I challenged myself to make as many new hair bows as I could, for my Etsy shop in a week.  I managed 5 large bows and 7 mini bows – all added to my Etsy shop – go take a look!

It was our 6th Wedding Anniversary on 21st August. 6th year = Iron.  So I got hubby this card, which is the symbol of Iron from Etsy (Cookie Design Cards).  He also got a forged Horseshoe in the shape of a heart with our wedding date stamped on it (also from Etsy (Ammonite Ironwork).  AND if that wasn’t enough, I booked a Photoshoot for him and Bubba with a local photographer! Hopefully photos to follow soon! 

After taking Bubba for a walk in our local forest (It’s called The Bin), we were shocked to find 3 ticks on him. That wasn’t the end, the following day we pulled another 13 ticks from him.  Bubba was not himself, so sleepy and zero energy.  I cannot express enough how important it is to check your dog and yourself for Ticks – DO IT!!!

Work also started on our shed. I’ve nagged Michael for a year now to build one, all the “shed” stuff is stored in our 2nd bedroom right now.  Anyway, the space for the shed is now ready for the base! Finally!!

I’m also chuffed to say that my blog now has 126 followers! WOW! Floored! Little ol’ me has this many people following my ramblings! But also exciting news on this – Crystal Hefner (aka Wife of Hugh Hefner, aka Playboy) follows my blog too! Completely amazed!!! (Follow Crystal’s blog here Crystal Hefner)

Another cutie has arrived to Hope HQ, meet Raven! She’s a Halloween cutie.  Get your cutie/spookie from Made By Steffie B.

We also took a trip to Peterhead Convict Prison (Peterhead Prison Museum) which has now been turned in to a museum.  Now if you know me at all, I love crime programmes, documentaries etc, but I knew nothing about what had happened there. Amazing! You take a tour round the whole place, enter cells, see the laundry room, the exercise pens, all while being told about it over a headset.  If you get the chance to go, go! Amazingly interesting, and very eerie at the same time! 

And that’s it from me for this month! August has flown by!! 




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