September – In Pictures

So not much has really happened this month, between feeling really ill and being busy with work, it’s been quiet for a change!

It’s Harvest time, and the fields around the house are Bubbas playground! He loves a stubble park, and loves bales!! But harvest time also means wildlife for him and daddy to go shooting for! He’s in his element!

I’ve made these cards, which are listed in my Etsy shop.  My dear friend Steffie crocheted these bows, and I thought I’d put them to good use!  They are for sale for £2.50 (plus postage) and that whole £2.50 is being given to MadeBySteffieB.  There are only 4 left, so be quick!

I have also been making some Christmas cards, these have been really popular and I actually need to make more! But pop in to my shop and have a look! 

I managed to remember/teach myself to French knit (with a dolly), and the result are these hearts.  These are also available in my shop, perfect for any occasion, or dare I say, decorating the. Christmas Tree! 

Some baking was in order.  It’s been a long time since I’ve done any cooking/baking, something I really enjoy.  So I made Chocolate Brownies for the first time ever! Husband loved them too! Also made was Orange Loaf, Earl Grey Shortbread, Flapjack and Energy Bites.  Even if I was in agony from standing for 4 hours, it was worth it, I was so happy!!

So that’s it for this month! Enjoy October! 


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