Chronically Fabulous T-Shirts 

I wanted to introduce you all to the lovely lady that is Victoria.  I’ve followed Victoria’s blog The Amazing Adventures of Stick Girl for some time now, and I love her posts! All Victoria’s posts are about sharing her story of adapting to life with disability.  But what first drew my attention to Victoria is her smile.  That smile is infectious, and gorgeous – and she never stops smiling!!

As you can see – always smiling!

So when I saw a post that she was making t-shirts to raise awareness of Chronic & Invisible Illness’s – I could not believe what a brilliant idea this was.  I’ve said for a long time that I would love to have something to make people more aware and my own chronic illness visible – the perfect match!

Victoria’s reasons for producing these T-shirts is the exact same reason as my own.  She found that once she started using a walking stick people were more considerate, thoughtful and asked questions about her health, as her invisible illnesses were now visible. The T-shirts are aimed at trying to open up conversations as well as promote invisible illnesses and hopefully make people think before they make a judgement about someone just because of how they look.

Victoria also wants to help people with invisible illnesses who either aren’t as comfortable, or maybe not as confident as her at talking about her health to show others a little bit of themselves without having to have a potentially upsetting, repetitive or in depth conversation.

And the best news – through the sale of these T-Shirts,  Victoria is donating money to the following charities:

Like many others, Victoria has suffered on and off most of her life with depression.  Mental illness can be terminal and it’s utterly terrifying and still very highly stigmatised.  Victoria’s godson has autism and her very first kids T-Shirt is for a 6 year old with autism too!  This is also another condition that has such varied symptoms and is also generally prejudged and stereotyped.

So because I think these t-shirts are a fabulous idea, I of course had to get myself one!  Now there are quite a few slogans to choose from, but the one that stood out for me was “Chronically Awesome” – it was mine!!

To get your own tshirt for a bargain price of £10 (plus postage), please get in touch with Victoria over on her Facebook page, pick your size and slogan and come join the Chronic Tshirt gang!


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