October – In Pictures 

October already! Can you believe it!  Lots happened this month – take a look at my month in pictures!
I went to a local Vintage Ladies night at the start of the month, and this cushion “Reserved for the Dog” was one of my purchases! Super cute – now just need to go back and get one for the cats!

This little madam also turned 3! I cannot believe she is 3, she’s the most nosey, but loving little thing you could ever meet.  I’m so glad we rescued her and gave her a good home!

I got myself a new tattoo! I’ve been wanting to get this for a while now, so I did it! If you aren’t aware, this is a Semi-colon, which symbolises Depression, meaning “your story isn’t over”.

We added a new member to the Wilson clan.  Meet little Hamish!! He’s a golden Cocker Spaniel.  He’s only 8 weeks old here (we took him home on 8th October) and full of beans! My god, we didn’t realise how much of a whirlwind having a puppy would be!! He’s aptly named, his kennel name is Glenugies Typhoon!! Watch this space….

The Shed!! The shed arrived!! Ive been wanting and desperately needing a shed since we moved in 15 months ago – and it was finally delivered!! Now to fill it, add power and paint!! But I have a shed and I’m over the moon!

So that’s been my month! Hectic! But on to November!


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