My story goes on ;

Being diagnosed with depression has made me more determined to life my life the way I want to.  Sure it’s not easy, I mean having this back pain, constantly makes the simplest of tasks excruciatingly difficult, but I’m trying to adapt.

Depression isn’t something I ever thought I would get, but then I didn’t think I’d have a crumbling spine either! But my journey with depression was brought to me the day I was diagnosed, and it properly started on the day I accepted it.

I came across the Project Semi-colon.  Their message is:

“A semicolon is used when an author could’ve ended a sentence but chose not to. You are the author and the sentence is your life”.

Now I immediately clicked with this.  I could have ended my sentence quite a few times over the past few years, but I was strong enough to carry on.  My sentence still carries on, and will do for the rest of my life, but I am determined to keep fighting.

So that brings me to my new tattoo!  Ever since I looked at the Project Semicolon website, I had wanted to get this tattoo to signify my journey, my sentence.

So I did it, and no it wasn’t painful! And yes I know it’s behind my ear and I can’t see it (unless I morph in to a giraffe able to hold a mirror!) but I KNOW it’s there.  It’s my little reminder.

My reminder that MY story isn’t over.


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