Probably by now, you will have heard of the term “Brain Fog”.  The term “Brain Fog” isn’t actually a medically recognised term, but it is commonly used, and a phrase used to explain feelings of confusion, forgetfulness and not being as focused (amongst other things).

I had never heard of Brain Fog till recently, and realised this was actually a term describing me! *Light bulb moment*.

I had wondered why I kept forgetting things, why someone would ask me a question and I’d forget in a split second what they’d asked.  Why I constantly kept searching in the fridge for the salt and pepper, and why I’d walk around the supermarket in a daze and walk out the shop forgetting half the stuff I needed.

It’s become more apparent I have brain fog, especially when I am mentally tired. Drained.  Exhausted.  And add to that, pure exhaustion from hardly any sleep, it’s a battle I’m fighting but seem to be losing. The more my brain works, the better, I can stay focused on the task I’m doing, but having that mental exertion then gives me a foggy head and it like a switch just clicks – Katrina is no longer in the room!

I have even started slurring my words and speech when I’m beyond exhausted – kinda scary!

I find myself writing things down a lot more now than I ever used to.  If I need to run a few errands, I have found myself writing down every place I need to go and what I’m to do at each place – I then stick it to the car dashboard and take with me to each place.  What on earth is this about, I NEVER used to have problems with my memory!

Post-it notes are my best friend!

But it’s the times when I find myself sitting in a daze, trying to remember things, but also trying to make myself remember things, because I’m terrified I will forget everything.  What if I forget the details of my wedding day or the smell of the Maldives island that we had our honeymoon or even memories from when I first met hubby? I try to remember smells, things I did at that moment in the memory.  It’s scary not remembering things. Terrifying, and no amount of post-it notes will help with memories!

I guess our memory does lapse a little as we get older, but I’m not old! I dont want this foggy brain interfering with my life!  I want to remember to put the salt in the cupboard and NOT the fridge.  I want to remember to take something out for tea. I also want to remember to take my tablets and not second guess myself if I have actually taken them, because I can’t remember taking them 4 hours previous!

Basically, in a nutshell, I don’t want brain fog!

I’d love to hear any tips and tricks you have when dealing with brain fog – please share with me! 


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