These are a few of my favourite things….

Now I have that song stuck in your head, I wanted to share with you some of my favourite discoveries through the small business world.

I truly believe that supporting small business owners is the way forward, and for the past couple years, our presents, gifts, cards etc have all been bought from small business owners.  The quality, time, and effort that goes in to finding or making an item or even sourcing something perfect is more meaningful than any major-chain-shop-bought item.

So here are a few of my favourite things, and you’ll find linkys to them all below too!

Louis Little Haven Is run by a dear friend of mine, and local to me as well.  A truly beautiful shop, with everything vintage you can think of.  Quirky, pre-loved, vintage and just fabulous!  You must pop by the shop and have a look, you will get lost in there for hours!

I bought one of these signs for the house!


For the doggies in your life, a super good drying coat is essential, especially in Scotland! So when I found Trover Dog coats, I had to purchase.  Toni is extremely helpful in helping you find the right size for your dog, and the quality of these coats are amazing.  Hamish & Bubba now have their own coats and they are bone dry in half the time it would normally take, with A LOT less towels too!

Kanshi Jewellery– sparkles, sparkles, sparkles!  All the amazing jewellery from Kanshi Jewellery is Handmade in Scotland.  Everything is made with elements of Swarovski, so trust me when I say, everything sparkles (and is stunning too!) the attention to detail in each and every piece Nina produces is shown elegantly.

Beautiful stacking bracelet


Shopafrolics– everything you can think of under one roof (or Website as the case may be!).  The one stop shop for everything Fashion and accessory related.  Anything from notebooks to shoes and Jewellery to dresses.  Martina is just fabulous to deal with, nothing is an issue and her customer service is spot on!  Everyone I know has received something from Shopafrolics, and will continue to, as the stock Martina has changes with new arrivals all the time and I can’t stop buying!

Made By Steffie B – surely by now you know I’m a cutie addict, with 10 of them in my possession,  it’s honestly an addiction! But not only are there cuties, Steffie also offers bunting, Crochet frames, cutie hats, cards and tote bags and currently has the cutest Christmas star decorations too (which of course I bought for our tree!).  A truly inspiring lady with an incredible story to tell.

My cutie Hope and our new Cream & Red Stars


Chi Chi Cards – the most beautiful and luxurious cards I’ve ever seen  (and bought!).  All cards can be personalised and are finished with sparkles, Swarovski elements, and that stunning touch to each and every card, makes them so very special.

Now I could go on and on about small businesses that I love and regularly buy from, but I would be here forever and this post would be far too long, so for the moment I will share with you a few, and i will follow this post up with (quite) a few more small business people that I think the world should know about! Fear not, everyone I love will get a feature!!

Go explore the above genuinely lovely people and help support their dream, you never know where it will take them…..



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