Day 1 of a new journey 

Seeing as I cannot get and nobody can diagnose what this “NEW” pain is all about, i started doing some research of my own.

What I came up with is Fibromyalgia.

After speaking to a few people in various support groups, and a couple friends, it would appear that this is possibly what I have.  This would also explain the numerous symptoms I’ve been having, which ALL match the symptoms of Fibromyalgia.

Now of course I am no doctor, and I’m not going to self diagnose myself, because probably it will turn out to be nothing as per usual.  But I went to my GP today (19th December) and discussed my thoughts with her.  It would have been handy though for her to have checked my records and see that yes, in fact, I have had back surgeries and suffer with Chronic Pain, before asking silly questions.  Alas the silly questions were asked.

Anyway, my research notes I had taken with me were kept by her, so she could write a referral to Rheumatology, presumably to use my information, rather than hers and to describe what I had discovered.

So, for once in my “complex” medical history, I’m not being denied any treatment, or being seen as a drug seeking hypochondriac, she’s actually referring me, which was kind of weird! Normally it’s a battle to get anywhere with them, but today she must have been in a festive mood!!

So… Day 1 of my new journey.  Let’s see where this one takes me.


6 thoughts on “Day 1 of a new journey 

  1. Congratulate yourself on being persistent and not giving up on yourself and the journey to discover the truth. Once you know then you can act accordingly. You know my opinion of GPs, hopefully your rheumatologist will help you. Mine is very helpful, she’s the best doctor I have by my side. Proud of you as always. Now enjoy your Christmas break with your lovely hubby and your gorgeous boys xxx

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  2. Funny cause I think I’ve got that too but when I spoke 2 doctor they refused 2 listen as usual n was told we r dealing with ur back n ur hips there’s no reason to b tested for anything else…I find u can’t argue with the doctor as they r always rite ….NOT

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    1. Jackie!! Oh no way, fight fight fight, get back to that doctor and tell them you want to be referred to Rheumatology. Don’t give up, it’s your life and your health, so fight!!! I’m behind you!!


  3. Well done you on being strong enough to find answers to how you feel. I knew I had PCOS after 7 years of doctors fobbing me off and saying “I was normal for me” (wTF does that even mean?). I researched and like you found a new GP and showed her my notes. She didn’t know a thing about PCOS so I felt stronger than ever and demanded various tests to confirm. Best thing I ever did. You know your own body better than anyone could. Fight. Be strong.

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