December – In Pictures 

The end of December, and another year gone by.  I don’t know about you but this year has been so quick, I’m not actually sure what I’ve done with myself!

Anyway, here’s my month in pictures!

Super excited for Christmas this year – as this will be Bubba and Hamish’s 1st Christmas with us!! Happy Woofmas!

I can finally show you!! I’ve kept this a secret for a few weeks now, but as this was part of husbands Christmas, I had to wait to share!  How gorgeous is my wee Hamish!  I cannot thank Lindsay enough for taking such stunning images! Lindsay Robertson Photography

Some new decorations for our tree! These are mini dummies that come printed with the stag motif! How cool are these!! These came from Hi Lost.

And basically that’s it for this month, unless you want more dog and cat pictures, oh and the odd Christmas tree one too!

Anyway! I wanted to thank all of my supporters and followers for all the help and support in 2016.  It’s not been an easy year health wise, but I’ve learned quite a few things, and things I’ll be taking with me in to 2017!


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