It’s safe here.  Nobody can hurt me here.  Nobody can enter my bubble and make me feel vulnerable, scared or not worthy.

I like it here.  I feel comfortable, I feel secure and I feel at ease. I don’t ever want to leave.

If I stay in this bubble, I don’t have to deal with anything the nasty world wants to throw at me, I can be myself and stay away from all these nasty things.

But sometimes my bubble isn’t a nice place.  Sometimes people want to come in, people want to invade and take nasty things to me.  People don’t realise how unsettling this is.  In here I am safe, I don’t have to deal with too many things.  I have a routine and I like to have a routine.

But when I’m in my bubble, people forget about me.  They don’t want to come to my bubble anymore. It’s sometimes sad and lonely being here by myself, looking on from the inside, wishing I could join in with things, but knowing my bubble is the safest place for me to be, makes things very hard for me.

Maybe I should leave my bubble more often and maybe I should let more people in.

But I feel safe here…….


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