“Calling on My Friends”

Just recently there’s been a big surge of the “mental health”‘posts.  You know the ones,  “if you need help, I’ll be there for you”, blah blah blah, followed by, copy me and share to your page (namely aimed at Facebook).

While this is great, and raising awareness of people and the issues surrounding mental health, why does it take a generic Facebook post for people to realise they can actually offer help, and be there for someone?

Now you’ve posted that generic post to your page, are you actually prepared for someone to come to you? Or are you just copying everyone else and just sharing for the sake of sharing?  Would you know what to do or even say to that person? Will you actually offer help to that person?

I’ve struggled for many years now with my mental health, and as someone who has had the deep, dark thoughts (and sometimes still do!), where are my “so called friends” to help me?  Where were they when all I could think about was ending it all?  Where were they when I was at my lowest.  Where are they daily when I’m struggling?

I am not the only one suffering with mental health, and I won’t be the last either (sad fact), perhaps your neighbour just wants someone to talk to? Perhaps your friend is hiding their pain? How will you know if you never talk to and listen to that person?  Maybe all they want is a hug, maybe even a cuppa.  But how will you know if you never ask?

I am not against anyone sharing these type of posts, far from it, it keeps things like mental health in the front of our thoughts.  The point I want to make is, it’s all very well and good copying and pasting text to share on your “wall”, but how about you actually doing something about it?  How about being proactive and actually lending a hand or even an ear to someone struggling? How about doing what you’ve just shared?

So – I’m calling on my friends- let’s do something about it, let’s talk to one another (face to face – where possible of course!), let’s be there for each other, let’s help each other.  Get out there and speak to your friend, your neighbour, your family member, whomever it may be, be there for that person – after all – You will never know how grateful that person will be till you actually do something to help them.

We are all human, and we can all help.  We never have to leave someone on their own.

Be kind.

Be caring.


8 thoughts on ““Calling on My Friends”

  1. I don’t know where I would be without friends like you, great post, I’m always here, you’re always here, doesn’t take a Facebook philosophy quote to know that. It’s often the people who shout the most that do the less! Thank you for being here, Love you xxxx

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  2. We all need our friends. When I’m in Scotland again I’m definitely catching up with you. January is always my awful month, mental health wise. It’s been exacerbated because of my Arachnoiditis which has flared up. Always good to chat. Xx


  3. Really good points! I’ve seen people all over my Facebook posting this kind of content when I have actively heard them make jokes about people with mental health issues. It’s just a trend right now, to pretend to be bothered. Actions always speak louder than words and I am determined to ACTUALLY be there for people!
    Thank you for posting this ☺

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  4. I also find the generic posts on Facebook a little frustrating, it’s almost as if people think that it’s “enough” to post that online without taking any active action to see if their friends / colleagues / family members are really doing ok! I completely agree with you that it’s good to post things and keep MH at the forefront of people’s thoughts, but more needs to be done than copying and pasting a FB status!

    Abbey 💓 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

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