Review – Knork 

A Knork I hear you say, what on earth is a Knork.  Fear not, this was my initial thought too, but I shall now explain.

“Knork – A fork with edge tines sharpened or serrated”

So basically a Knork is a FORK and a KNIFE in one. Now you might think what on earth, why put the 2 together.  But some genius person has come up with the idea, and it’s widely used.

They are great for campers, hikers, and basically anyone who likes to be outdoors, perhaps round a campfire, but not wanting to carry loads of utensils/cutlery. One item, works as 2!

But this isn’t only for the outdoorsy people of the world, those with handicaps, and disabilities can use them too.  It was suggested to me by my OT to get and try one of these due to my non-working right hand.  I can’t use a knife and fork at the same time to cut food, my hand just doesn’t work that way anymore, and Ive been in danger of slicing more than my food on many occasion!

My thoughts: I ordered a single stainless steel Knork.  On first review it looks exactly like a normal fork, but looking closer, you can see a slightly sharper edge. I did think it was a little heavy, heavier than a normal fork, even a normal piece of cutlery.  As a fork it works as normal. There is also a finger platform, where you place the finger to help with the cutting/pressure to cut food. As a knife, you use it as you would a normal knife, the back and forth cutting action. But I also slices through food, without the cutting action.  The sharp edge does not hurt or cut your mouth in anyway as you’d may think.

Review: I do really like this Knork. However I find this version slightly heavy.  As I only have 2 working fingers, by the time I have finished a meal, I find my fingers hurting just from holding it.  But overall I think it’s an absolutely genius idea.

You can get other versions of a Knork, some have thick foam handles for easy grip. And there is also a left handed version too. The foam handled one may be a better solution to cut down on the weight.

Foam Handled Knork
Left Handed Light Knork

I’d love to know what you think. Do you have a Knork? Is this something you would try?

Knorks are available to buy in any Outdoor Shop and online.  I purchased mine from EBay. Prices start from around £6.

*Please note this is a personal review, I have not been approached or paid to write this.  This review is my own opinion*

*KNORK is a registered Trademark owned by Phantom Enterprises Inc. Trademark*


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