Knitter Natter


Everyone knows someone that’s a Knitter, and not necessarily your lovely granny.  Knitting seems to have become quite popular recently, and is a quite a cheap and relaxing hobby to have.

But just as much as you know someone that knits, you will know someone who suffers with Arthritis.

So when I came across holding a fundraiser – a “Knitter Natter” on the Arthritis Research UK website, I knew this was something I could do.

I booked the date of 8th April at the Village hall where I grew up, and off I went arranging the day.  The lovely lady I was in contact with at Arthritis Research UK was so kind in helping me with things I would need, balloons, pens, banners, donation boxes and even tshirts to wear on the day.  I set about getting raffle donations (and my lovely friends overwhelmed me with their generosity here!), and advertising the day for people to come along.

I spent the night before whipping up a storm (and creating a mess!) making homebakes for selling the following day – the husband was of course delighted to be chief taste tester!

We had lots of things on show, to give people inspiration and show what they too could make. Some things were able to be bought too, and most popular were my mums knitted easter chicks (with a hidden chocolate surprise!).

It was a beautiful day, the sunny Scottish weather was out on force all day, which meant we actually moved the event outside the village hall.

There was plenty of cups of tea and cakes on offer all through the day, and even soup and salad wraps available for those who wanted a spot of lunch too.

Although only 8 people came along throughout the whole day, which was slightly disheartening, I could not have asked for a better day and the support from all the lovely ladies that came along was so nice.

I also had an online JustGiving page set up for those that weren’t able to attend to donate too, and I’m proud to say I broke my target and reached £133!

So my total fundraising amount for the day was £235.38!!

Having been diagnosed with arthritis in my spine, which is so very debilitating on a daily basis, I felt fundraising for this amazing charity was something I needed to do.  We all know someone who is or has been affected by Arthritis, and more needs to be done to help find a cure and treatment.

It’s so incredibly easy to hold a fundraiser, and in the process you can help to make a difference to people living with Arthritis.  So what are you waiting for, bring together your friends, family and colleagues, neighbours and give knitting a go, and fundraise while having fun (and eating cake!)

There are so many ways you can make knitting part of your fundraiser, and here are some ideas from Arthritis Research UK:

  • Get together with friends and family to have a Knitter Natter coffee morning or afternoon tea and ask for a donation for any cakes or tea that you provide.
  • Start a knitting group with your colleagues at work and ask them to make a suggested donation if they want to join.
  • If you’re part of a knitting group already, hold a competition, raffle or special event.

If this is something you’d like to do, please get in touch and contact the community fundraising team on 0300 790 0405 or

*A special Thank You to everyone that helped me with this fundraiser, the raffles donated, time spent and also money donated – it means so very much to me to have so much support*


5 thoughts on “Knitter Natter

  1. I’m a fellow knitter in the US and also have arthritis in my spine. Thanks for doing the fundraiser! I think if you try it annually or twice a year word will spread and you will be surprised at the turnout. Great job!

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