Review – ActiPatch®

ActiPatch® is drug free, wearable, disposable, pulsed shortwave therapy(PSWT). ActiPatch relieves pain, restoring you back to doing the things that you love”.

Sounds great! Drug free and you don’t feel a thing – apart from better. 

ActiPatch® popped up on my Facebook page a while ago and I thought it too good to be true.  After asking around nobody had heard of it, and nobody had tried it.  So I thought well what’s the harm? So I went ahead and ordered a week’s trial.  Just over a week later it arrived through the mail.

Now the week’s trial device can’t be switched off (that’s only for buying a longer lasting device), so to get the good of it you need to wear it continually (apart from showering).

It’s pretty easy to apply, pull the tag from the device and a green LED light should come on – the device is activated.  In the envelope, there were plasters included to use to attach the device to the problem area.

So my problem area: My Lower Back. I got hubby to put it slightly to the left of my scar due to that being the area the pain was in. And off we went.


I do realise that this was only a trial device and if I needed to, it wouldn’t have to be worn all the time, as it could be switched off.  It’s not bulky, in fact i didnt even know it was there under clothing.  The LED part didnt affect or hurt when sitting or laying down either, which I was expecting.  

However the plasters do move and stretch obviously with movement, and my god they are painful when on any hair.  The slightest movement would cause the plasters to pull on hair, and with my back being so sensitive, I was nearly screaming every time.  The plasters also dont last long enough, certainly not a whole day in my case, and I found myself having to re-apply fresh plasters, which you can imagine is near impossible to do when it’s your back. 
I did try other things to try and keep the device on, but nothing seemed to last long enough, and everything really hurt my lower back. 

I got so frustrated and annoyed with it, that my trial only lasted 2 and a half days, before I threw the device away.  


I did not see any benefit of using this device.  My pain levels did not change in the short time I used it.  The packaging states that you should see a difference in pain in 2-3 hours.  That was not the case with me.  

Perhaps given longer, I may have started to see a difference, but my frustration took over.  Not being able to attach the device to my back was super frustrating seeing as that’s the area I wanted it for. 

The ActiPatch® is very hard to apply to the back area of you are alone.  However, I do believe that the longer lasting device has better ways of keeping the device in place, instead of plasters. If using on the knee etc, application would probably be easier.

OVERALL: I am not sure I would strongly recommend this product, based on my own personal experience. I don’t however, doubt that some people have seen a marked change in their Chronic Pain, as I can see how the technology is supposed to work.  

It won’t work for everyone, but if you do decide to try, please buy the trial pack. At £4.95, it won’t break the bank, and you can test it before you fork out money for the other longer lasting devices.

Exert taken from the ActiPatch® website:

How ActiPatch® Works

Chronic pain results from central sensitization, which causes the nervous system to develop a persistent state of high reactivity. This serves to amplify and maintain the pain even after the initial injury has healed.

Therefore, chronic pain is often poorly correlated to the degree of peripheral tissue injury. ActiPatch’s electromagnetic signal pulses 1,000 times per second to stimulate neuromodulation of the afferent nerves to dampen the brains perception of pain.
The ActiPatch® pulsed signal rate prevents adaption to allow long-term use. ActiPatch® therapy extended pain relief improves sleep, physical activity and overall quality of life. ActiPatch® relieves chronic and acute pain due to muscle and joint soreness, strains and sprains, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and more.

ActiPatch® is available worldwide, and in the U.K., it is available at the following locations:

  • Boots 
  • Gordon’s Chemist
  • Lloyds Pharmacy
  • Superdrug Pharmacy
  • Weldricks Pharmacy 

ActiPatch® is manufactured by BioElectronics Corporation.  Please visit for complete device information.

**I have not been contacted or paid to do this review.  All thought and opinions are my own**.


2 thoughts on “Review – ActiPatch®

  1. We do wish you had contacted us or watched the videos on YouTube. ActiPatch does not have to be in direct contact with you skin and you could have attached it to a shirt. For the BEST RESULTS from ActiPatch the most important thing is to the have LOOP (not the bit with the light) over the pain area and to wear it continuously on one pain area – only take it off to shower or bathe. The MORE CONTINUOUSLY you wear it the better it works. ActiPatch does not have to be in direct contact with your skin. Here are two good videos to watch so you can get the best use from ActiPatch:
    Keeping ActiPatch in place:
    How Long until you feel Pain Relief:

    Please email me at if you would like to try again..we will send you another.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. I did actually watch the videos, and researched before I purchased the trial device, but seeing that my pain is my lower back, attaching to anything else, is 1) slightly awkward, and 2) there aren’t really any other options to attach to this area of my body.

      This review really wasn’t meant to be a negative review, it was my honest opinion, but as I said, I do see how the device is suitable and works for other people, and more so for pain in slightly less awkward areas.


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