The END! My BIG Challenge for Arthritis Research UK

Well guys, I did it! I’m here, I’m alive (just about!) and I’m so happy to say I completed my challenge!

I’m not going to lie, it’s been the longest 30 days of my life! My back pain has been very intense, which has also been spreading down my legs making walking some days a little harder. But also the symptoms of my Fibromyalgia have been at their highest. Fatigue was really my best fr-enemy towards the end of the month, but I’ve pushed on through!

If you read my post at the start of the month, you’ll have read my reasons for taking on this challenge. Not only did I want to raise money and awareness, but I wanted to help those, like myself, suffering with many forms of debilitating arthritis and help towards finding a cure.  This was also the biggest personal challenge I have ever set myself.

As you may know 6 years ago my life changed. I have been through quite a few ups and downs in those years, but I’ve also, learnt a great deal about myself at the same time. When you’re faced with having to learn how to walk again, life doesn’t get much harder, you’re at rock bottom, the only way is up. It’s not an easy climb, some days you give up, but the next day you try again, and again.

It was quite daunting at the start of the month, realising just how many steps I was going to have to do every day, and not actually believing that I would get anywhere near my goal. But something in me kept me going. Perhaps it was determination, maybe even a pinch of stubbornness, but I had to prove to myself I could do it. No matter how I felt each day, I had to keep going, exhausted or not, I was NOT giving in.

Each day I walked with the boys, (you may have seen some pictures from my JustGiving updates), using my FitBit to track my steps, and some days I walked a little further, not far, but far enough to let me push my boundaries and test my ability.

The boys on one of the rare days of sunshine!

Ok so, the proof!

You will see the image below, from the FitBit tracker.  My total steps for the month was…. 407,051, that’s an extra 107,051 steps!!!!

My total steps for September

And to put it in to perspective, those steps total 180.65 miles!

I have also managed to go over my JustGiving target, and as of writing this post, my total sits at £373.  I cannot thank everyone enough, who took the time to support me, donate and provide me with support and encouragement throughout this challenge – that has been truly amazing for me, and on the hard days, kept me going.

So now its October, im having a well earned rest and hanging up the walking shoes for a little bit.  Perhaps the down time will give me a chance to think of my next challenge……

If you’d like to do your own Miles Together Challenge for Arthritis Research UK – get in touch with the friendly people on the fundraising team and see what they can do to help!



4 thoughts on “The END! My BIG Challenge for Arthritis Research UK

  1. You’ve done amazingly babe, honestly super proud of you! Take from this and remember that you can achieve anthinging you set your mind to! Much love xx

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