3 Things in the Past Year to be Grateful for.

Today is the 7th Year (I guess you could say anniversary!) of my chronic Illness, and if you read my post from last year (6 years...), you’ll have read a little about how I got to where I am today. 

As I said in that post last year, I don’t like to look back and think how things could have been, because Could I, Would I, Should I, are going to get me nowhere now. Looking forward is my only option.

But this also got me thinking. Where was I this time last year? What has changed for me in a whole year?

So on a positive note, I got to thinking about 3 things I’m grateful for in the past year. 3 things that have helped me move on with my life and focus on something else other than my crappy health. 3 things that have made me a stronger person than this time last year.

  1. My furbabies. My girls, Fergie and Jessie (cats), who I love a little more with each and every day, who keep me going in my sad moments and comfort me when I need it the most. My Bubba, my Mr Handsome, is the most amazing dog you will ever ever meet, he’s so laid back but will love you with every inch of his bones and do anything to please you. And then there’s Hamish, in some mad moment I decided I wanted another dog. So my Hamish joined the family. This guy, my guy, has taught me so much in the year we have had him home. He’s taught me how to negotiate (because that’s how you “train” Cockers), you negotiate and work out the best way forward for both of you. He taught me that I have so much more love to give, and that I did have a huge space in my heart for him. He’s taught me to laugh and to live again, and when I’m with them, nothing else in the world matters. And then…… We added another member, our Maggie. My heart just expanded even more, my love grew even more.
  2. My Health. Now this seems a bit of an odd one to be grateful for, because let’s face it, I’d not be writing this blog if it wasn’t for my health. But in a weird, twisted kind of way, I have to be grateful for it. I’m still here, I’m still taking on every day as best I can. I’ve lost 2.5 stone, I’m watching what I eat, and I’m trying to make the right decisions for my chronic pain. My conditions are never going to go away, so while I can, I’m going to try and make the best of it and do what I can to keep going.
  3. True people. This past year, namely the last half of the year, has been so tough, and a year I hope to never repeat.  But it has put many things in to perspective. It has made people show their true colours, it’s made me open my eyes and realise just how naive and trusting I was. I’ve been hurt so much this past year, physically and emotionally, that I did not have it in me to carry on the way I was. I am so lucky to have a few faithful, kind, generous, gorgeous friends, friends that I trust, friends that have my back, that will never let me down, that I had to reassess just what was and is important to me. Life is tough, but I’m surrounded a select bunch of people that mean the most to me, so I know I’m not alone.

    Although there has been a lot going on in the last year, full of ups and downs and everything in between, life has been hectic, challenging but I’m not sure I’d have it any other way. I would really like to have more sleep, and be less exhausted every day, but that’s something to work on over the next year.

    So here’s to another year. Another year of life’s challenges, and another year I’ve made it through!

    On to the next year……


    7 thoughts on “3 Things in the Past Year to be Grateful for.

    1. This is wonderful and definitely made me rethink how I’m feeling about where I am currently at emotionally with my chronic diseases… thank you for being you! Finding you and your blog and your twitter have been a blessing this year!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Good on you for reflecting so positively on the past 12 months! This year has done a lot for teaching me the value of the true friends in my life as well and although those are sometimes hard lessons to learn, they are valuable. Seeing you talk about your fur babies puts a huge smile on my face every time as your adoration for them is clear!

      Abbey 🎅🏼 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk


      1. Thank you for commenting. I always think that if they are a true friend they will stick by you, not matter what, if not, they aren’t worth the energy, and I have a lack of energy these days!


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